July 5, 2012

Crochet Rainbow Rose Ring

Rainbow Rose Ring $23.00 USD

 This all cotton yarn rainbow rose ring is of continuous construction. The band is made from rows of single crochet, which is an extension of the body of the rose.

It measures 2 inches across the top of the rose.

I wear a size 7.5 ring and it fits several of my fingers due to the give inherent in crocheted items. It should comfortably fit to size 9. If you would like a different size, Please contact me and I will be glad to construct one in your size.

It is very light and comfortable, and has proven to be an eye-catching conversation starter.

July 1, 2012


Life driving changes
moving work around the web
nothing stays the same

This was the first blogspot I registered. I created it with my name, and called it something different. Now I want to use it under my name for a different purpose than my haiku project (which is direly anemic). For anyone still interested in this lagging blog of haiku, I moved it to:


the old template will not work there, and I still like it, so I will keep it here, and the new 575 From the 757 will look different.

Changes... sometimes they are very needed, and sometimes I have to lament the trashing of the old.

Whatcha gonna do?

July 13, 2009


Wind makes waves of green
on the gramineous hills
all covered with grass

adjective: Of or relating to grass.
ETYMOLOGY:From Latin gramineus, from gramen (grass).

August 11, 2008


To look through and see

He's perspicacious, I say!

Knows my secret soul.

Perspicacious is a synonym for perceptive, having the ability to understand things not readily seen on the surface.

August 8, 2008


work words together

syllogism, thoughts, statements

logically one

Literally words together, SYL - together + LOG word. A form of reasoning which consists of two statements and the conclusion one can draw from them.

An example of a syllogism: All reptiles are cold blooded; snakes are reptiles; therefore snakes are cold blooded.

August 7, 2008


Emolument pay
Grind out your living wages
Take some time to play

July 16, 2008


Inconstant; Changing

Mutable environment

Nothing stays the same

July 6, 2008


Look at the birds flight

Auspicious day for travel

Favorable wind

From the ancient practice of watching a birds flight to portend omens. Today it means promising good luck or favorable conditions.

June 7, 2008


Our country, the melting pot
Made of many tribes.